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'Grow A Veggie Garden' Organic Leafy Greens Seed Kit

'Grow A Veggie Garden' Organic Leafy Greens Seed Kit

Get your spring garden started with this seed kit! These seed varieties are perfect for kitchen gardens, windowsill gardens or in a soil patch outdoors. All seeds are fresh and US grown, organic, non-gmo and heirloom.

Each order includes the following:

  • 5 biodegradable peat planters
  • 5 different leafy green seeds: Lacinato Kale Seeds, Lollo Rosso Lettuce Seeds, Spinach Seeds, Arugula Seeds, Rainbow Swiss Chard Seeds
  • 1 soil pod(2 qts)

These seed kits are great for gardeners of all levels and experience! They are easy enough to germinate for beginners, and are very fresh and high quality seeds to add to an experienced gardener's collection :)

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